On 11.10.2015 “Etna Cargo” LTD acquired the status of Authorized Economic Operator and got a combined certificate for providing simplified customs services, security and safety (AEOF).

After conducting an overall audit of the company and meeting all the necessary requirements of the customs authorities, the National Customs Agency gives “Etna Cargo” LTD the right to act as AEO, which is widely accepted and used within the European Union.

Moreover on 01.05.2016g. "Etna Cargo" LTD acquired an extra certificate for authorized consignee / consignor, which confers the opportunity for preferential treatment in customs control of our clients. The most principal advantages of the AEO certificate are: - Transport units should not go to customs, because we designate special places, where customs clearance is performed. - Access to e-customs service; - Reduced physical and documental control of the shipment; - The customs clearance of our shipment is processed with priority in the system of the National Customs Agency; - Better cooperation with customs authorities; - Our reputation of honest partner is checked and proven compared to other companies which do not possess the up-mentioned certificate. The cooperation of Bulgarian companies with companies holding AOE status provides the opportunity of getting a competitive advantage not only in the local market, but also in the international one.