Dry warehouse

Warehousing and distribution


Warehousing and storage of goods under customs control

We offer you a licensed temporary customs warehouse, equipped with everything necessary for the storage and control of goods.

We take care of all the documentation related to their stay, loading, and later their transportation.

  • Drawing up and submitting documents for storage and receiving customs clearance.
  • Organization of activities such as loading, unloading, consolidating and dividing lots, monitoring stock availability

We have two multifunctional warehouses located in Sofia, in the area of Iskar Station, near the two highways to Sofia and to Varna, and we offer our customers:

  • Free storage and logistics of industrial goods;
  • Contract logistics – Etna Cargo OOD can completely take over your logistics by creating a warehousing system/process that specifically meets your requirements and those of your customers.
  • Commissioning. Delivery of any quantity of your stock to any location.
  • Palletizing and depalletizing. Our experienced warehouse employees guarantee maximum security for your goods during palletizing / depalletizing.
  • Labeling. Marking of your goods for easier identification during transport, storage and sale.
  • Packing and bundling. Packaging of your goods for maximum security during transport.
  • Order management. Our modern order management system will allow you to easily and efficiently dispose of your goods in the warehouse.
  • Distribution in the country;
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