Etna Cargo

“Our mission is to strengthen and develop the position of Etna Cargo Ltd. This includes a constant improvement of the services we offer as well as optimal communication and cooperation with all our customers, partners and last but not least with all our employees. We are exploring every possibility to expand our business and at the same time we improve our positions in the spheres we are traditionally experienced.”.

Vassil Borissov - Manager

Etna Cargo was established in 1995 year. In the beginning the company had three employees and offered its customers only a limited range of transport services. Gradually it expanded the offered services. In 2000 the company built its own office building and warehouses on 2000 sq.m. A license for a customs bonded warehouse was obtained at the beginning of next year. Since 2001 Etna Cargo offers its clients customs brokerage. In 2003 was built a new modern warehouse consistent with the European requirements. Thus the customs bonded warehouse increased with 1600 sq.m.

Since 1997 Etna Cargo Ltd is a member of the Bulgarian National Forwarders Association (NSBS) and International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA).

In the end of 2004 the company received a trademark certificate from the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria. In 2005 was opened a new logistic centre situated on 2500 sq.m. It is equipped with hidraulic loading platforms, video surveillance and airconditioning. In 2006 was added a new useful surface of 2500 sq.m and this increased the total area of the warehouses to 8500 sq.m. In the company work more than 30 highly qualified experts in the field of transport, logistics and customs brokerage.

Etna Cargo Ltd. is a respected partner for its clients and continuously improves the quality of the offered services.

To meet the needs of its logistics activities "Etna Cargo" Ltd. uses ERP system SAP. Through software products manage warehouse processes and keep stock records of the goods in them. SAP system enables you to monitor the availability of goods, their flock and their movement on the dates of reporting in real time.

Etna Cargo Ltd. operates on CMR Convention.